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Sin Pasado Rum

Organic agricultural rum, Sin Pasado is obtained directly from the distillation of the sugarcane juice using natural inputs and wild yeasts. It is therefore, the handmade rum considered of higher quality.


Its process of double distillation, in stainless steel stills, also has an important artisanal aspect, which required of the expertise and skill of the Ron Producers in Oaxaca who designed their own technology. 


Ron Sin Pasado is USDA certified as organic, since its elaboration process is 100% natural. From the preparation of the land to cultivate the cabbage, to rest for 3 months in American oak barrels, which provides a touch of light notes of wood, without losing the sweet, fruity aromas of the process. 


The production and decoration techniques of your bottle are also made with 100% organic materials. What makes a product in harmony with the environment.

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